Nasi 4 Rasa by Sari Bagindo

[Nasi 4 Rasa]

Sari Bagindo
Kuningan City, LG Fl 
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18 
Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia12940 

Are you curious about the food that I'm about to talk about? Yes, you should be! It is the Nasi 4 Rasa ( 4 flavours rice ) by Sari Bagindo. Sari Bagindo is a restaurant that serves the delightful rich taste of Padang cuisine. So, last Saturday I was invited to try their new menu: Nasi 4 rasa which really caught my attention, why? because I hadn’t tried this kind of dish before and it's very unique to put all the different flavors in one plate. 

[My plate]

Let me talk about the rice first, as you can see there are 4 flavours. Each color represent the flavor of the rice. White is the plain rice, Yellow is for the turmeric ( kunyit ) flavoured, Red is for the tomato flavoured, and last is green for the screwpine leaf ( pandan ). 


The green rice is made from pandan that's why it smelled so nice when they served it but in my honest opinion, it tasted a lil' bit weird for me and it doesn't fit my appetite. For the yellow one, it is nicer than the green, I can feel the strong and rich taste from the turmeric itself. But my favorite one is the tomato rice. It is perfectly balanced and really fits my taste to pamper my tummy. 

[Mix it]

As you guys might already know when enjoying Padang cuisine, they'll give you one full plate of rice and then you can choose the side dishes by yourself. There's so many side dishes they offered to us in Sari Bagindo such as chicken, egg, vegetables and many more. So you can really enjoy this nasi 4 rasa and mix it with any side dish you want. But don't worry! any side dish tastes perfect with nasi 4 rasa!

[Enjoying my meal]

What I really love about Padang cuisine is all the food is rich flavors and the seasoning is no joke. If you're one of the Padang cuisine lovers or never try it before, you should try Sari Bagindo especially their Nasi 4 Rasa menu! You can feel the unique and contemporary Padang cuisine without losing the authentic feeling of the food. 


As you guys know, I've been workin' on my instagram and blog but I really want to clarify one thing, I'm not a food, travel or fashion blogger. I do stuff I like, and I like to share my life to others. I also not so enthusiastic to gain popularity, I prefer to stay calm and let people like and find something interesting about me. If you found this blog, instagram or my attitude as a joke then it's your choice, I'm not one who is hungry for followers or stuff. But, I'm really glad through all of this I can know and meet so many amazing and talented people and become friends with them, it is such an honor to meet you guys, thank you for the opportunity :)

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