One Day Museum Visit

When you hear the word ‘museum’, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind?

You might find it boring and no fun, right? Last week, Quincy ( @quincyfans ) asked me and Nita ( @nitaadoria ) to visit a museum on Wednesday, 27th of August 2015 and also to take some insta-able photos for our instagram's feed. We agreed and planned to meet up at Tsu Zhi, PIK at 10 AM. Because the Museum is located in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, we thought because it’s far in distance and we believed that there would be some traffic at noon so we just went earlier.

But when morning came, I overslept because I didn't have many time to sleep. It was 12 PM and I had about 10 miscalls from Quincy and Nita. After I woke up, I just jumped from my bed and called them. Quincy was very upset with me at that time lol. After we talked on the phone, I ordered a taxi by phone. Then, I rushed to the bathroom to take a shower and prepared myself. I remembered that our intention was to take many photos, so I brought 2 different clothes. First, was my black basic tee and an unbuttoned white shirt, and the second one was my shirt from my birthday, it's a two-coloured shirt, it's white from the top part until the chest part and then it goes denim blue till the ends.

After my taxi came, I took my iPad because I thought my iPad's case would look good with my clothes. An hour and a half later, I finally arrived at Tsu Zhi and then the girls picked me up there. It was really hard to please them since I was late for about 3 hours. But as we joked and played around, everything seemed okay. 

We drove while using waze as our gprs. For the first time, we just realised that Kemayoran is quite near from Pluit ( my dorm's location ), we thought it's gonna be far but we actually arrived in just 30 mins. Moving on, the museum that we were visiting named Art:1 Museum & Art Gallery.

Art 1: Museum & Art Gallery

As we arrived, we headed up to the entrance stairs and then, we entered the building. This museum is really spacious. You can see their gray floor and white walls that would fit our instagram's feed.

First Level

At the first level, you'll see some lovely white tables and chairs that you're allowed to sit on, there'll be some artistic clay too on the left side. On the right side, there'll be some graffiti on the wall and a hand painted picture about butterfly's metamorphosis that I really like.

[Gray stair]
[Me and Nita]
[View of right side of the museum]
[Clay art]
[White exposure]

We wanted to move to the next level but before that we changed our clothes first. After that, we found a nice spot in the 1st level's terrace and decided to take some photos before going up.

[Bitch's smile]
[Love this shot the most]
[Fooling around]
[Nita shot]
[Nita shot 2]
[Nice view]

We were also taking some picts at the staircase to the second floor. Nita asked the information desk about the exhibition, she told us that this is not their original art, they just display some arts from Korea that are only available 'til end of the week. We quite enjoyed the art tho.

[Staircase to 2nd floor]
[Staircase's shoot]

Second Level

At this floor is actually quite dark and we couldn't take a good pict here. So I just took some photos of the gallery.

[Don't step on the floor]

This picture is really nice but if the truth is the making of this picture is really hard because they painted all of the room including the person in the picture until he couldn’t move his body. After all of the paint dried, they started to paint all parts of the room with the colours again and also on the model's body and face. You can watch their behind the scene video on the museum too.

[3D Art]

The other art that really caught my attention was this 3D art. At the museum, you can see how flawless the peoples on the middle move and dance in a synergy and symmetric movement.

And finally we were done with our museum photos taking and we went out to the park at the entrance and we asked someone to took our pict.

[Today's done] 
[Quin's portfolio]

And last, there's a room near the carpark. There's this art that I saw the most on people's post. Yeap, it's the round-shaped yellow VW car. There's some nice picture in this room also.

[VW car]

It was a good day for us. Later we were starving and we really need to eat. So, after we talked, we continued to Kota Tua to eat at a restaurant named Historia. The first menu that we ordered here was red bean shaved ice.

[Red bean shaved ice]

But the red beans was piled up in the bottom. So we just tasted the chocolate flavour from the ice because they used chocolate syrup at the top. The other menu we ordered were Indonesian traditional food. As for me, I ordered nasi rawon, Nita chose ayam kalasan and fried rice for Quincy.

[Table's situation]

We just ate that evening because we were too hungry and after we saw this nice place behind the restaurant, we just hurried to took a pict because the sun was going down lol.

[Cool for the summer]

And that's how that day ended. Really looking forward to meet them again and do this thing again. 

Cheers! - @alviansilver

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