Mommy's Big Day

[Mommy's big day]

Yesterday, Wednesday 16th of September 2015 was my mom's special day, I wasn't planned anything for her. So I was thinking what should I do for her since it was too late and I needed something that quick and instant. 

On Wednesday, I had some business that I need to do in my campus until late. So here's my plan: I will go to the nearest mall ( Emporium ) and then buy her some birthday cake and also give her a flower bouquet, then I will go home with taxi from there.

The Birthday cake I gave to her was just an ordinary tiramisu cake, but the flower bouquet I bought was a special bouquet because I personally choose the flower and arranged it. I gave her some red rose, white rose and baby's breath flower. They cost it each stalk IDR 35.000,00 - 45.000,00. 

After bought the gift I rushed to home and gave her the surprise. She was quite happy and really surprised that I would came and gave her a bouquet. This year, she had her 47th birthday celebration. I wish she'll be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, and the feeling of love. 

Happy birthday my strongest girl in the world, mommy :)

[Mom's lil' son]
[look at her smiling face]

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