November Recap


Finally done with my Final exam and I'm kinda free right now, well.. actually this Thursday, I have OSCE ( Final test for our medical skill lab ) but it should be okay to take a rest for awhile now, hope so. Finally, it's the last day of November and I decided to post some recap about this month's highlight!

First of all, November had been a great month for me and one of the main reason is because I had a family trip with my complete family. In fact, Everytime I went overseas, my dad won't come along because he didn't like tour stuff, hotel, new food and he didn't find other country interesting too. So that's why I was a lil' bit speechless when he said he would join us ( well, with a lil' bit of force lol ) after all this years. Although it was just 2 days in Singapore, but we quite enjoyed it.

Our Singapore trip started at Saturday's morning, 7th of November 2015 with Garuda Airlines, It took one and half hour flight and we arrived at 9 AM in Singapore. From Changi Airport Singapore, We headed down to our hotel, it was one of the iconic building in Singapore! yeapppp, it was Marina Bay Sands Hotel beyatttccchhh, one of the finest hotel in Singapore as I know.

Garden by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, 
Singapore 018953


Another iconic spot from Singapore, Garden by the Bay is a park spanning 101 hectares of reclaimed land in central Singapore. It consists 2 huge domes, one is the Flower dome where they keep all the flower collection all over the world and the other one is the Cloud Forest, where you can feel the forest ambience with a humongous waterfall inside the dome. Oh yeah, at the cloud forest, you could try walk on the bridge that circled the waterfall too, but it was a lil' bit scary because the height was no joke. 

[Flower Dome]

As for the Flower dome, it was probably my mom's favourite place. Because you know, she can take so many picture in here and actually she's a lil' bit obsessed with flowers. Years ago, she used to had a small garden where she planted her collection of flowers and me, my brother and my sister used to pet some rabbits there lol. But for my dad, maybe he was a lil bit bored of Singapore.

And the rest of the day, we just played and walked around visiting Chinatown, Little India and also Orchard. The next day, I woke up so early because I really wanted to swim at the Infinity Pool at the top of our hotel building which is looked like a huge ship.

[Infinity pool]


This pool is kinda exclusive because it's only can be accessed by the hotel's guest and their hotel is expensiveeeeeee. That's why I won't miss this chance! Ha! Me and my brother took the elevator to the 59th floor as early as we could because I wanted to take some picture at the pool and I was kinda shy if there's so many people watching. 

[Lost? lol]

My first impression was not like what I expected. I thought this pool would be so huge and luxurious, but it was a lil' bit too small and just nice. Well at least I won't be curious anymore. SO I just took my time and swim while I could even though it's just 30 mins but I really enjoyed the view from where I swim. It was a nice remedy from my never-ending stress.

[Infinity pool]

As for the second day in Singapore, we just enjoyed Orchard and we went to shopping from mall to mall to mall again and back to the first mall again and again and again. This is what I like when I go overseas with my parents, I could buy and shop so many stuffs like clothes, bags, accessories and perfume. Lol 

[Bao Today]

Dim sum for our lunch at Bao Today at the Somerset. Yeahh, it was a so so, we just picked that place because it was raining outside, and after we ate we continued to shop and la la la la until we got back to the Airport and had flight to Jakarta.

Hehehehehhee, one thing that I really loved about this Singapore trip is becauseeeeee

[Fujifilm X-M1]

Yeapppp! It's a mirrorless camera that my mom and dad bought for me! I know I know it's only X-M1 and it is not so expensive and sophisticated like the other type. But for me, it means everything because I really want this camera for about 1 year and I even joined 2-3 photo contest ( that I lost ) just to get this little cute camera and finally I got it!! yippieee thanks mom and dad, you guys are the best!

[Let's have some fun!]

That's wrapped up my Singapore trip story with my family, now let's get back to my campus life lol.

[Maintenance room]

A lot of things going on this month and I was really in a bad mood for the entire month, but I had some friends that could cheered me up. As example, I forgot when but I had a quick bite with Lidya Tanjaya a.k.a Teteh ( @lidyatanjaya ) at the Cup, we only bought some Bingsu ( Korean shaved ice snack ) and we talked to each other and shared a story and just talked, it could made me feel better when we could share our thought, feelings and emotion. Awww! Anyway we ordered the mango bingsu here and it was fantastic! Try it guys!

The Cup 
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D,
Pantai Indah Kapuk,
Jakarta Utaea


The other way how to relieved my stress was enjoyed a cup of coffee on Starbucks which I spent so many hundred thousands rupiah for this month. Why? tsk, it's because I want their plannerrrrrrr!!! Always got their planner every year and it took 20 star ( one star for each drink ) to get this year planner. But thankfully I got some juniors and friends ( well, I forced them a lil' bit ) that helped me to get the planner.

[Red cup]

And finally I got oneeeeeeeee!!!! Wohoo! the 1 million rupiah planner! So happy I could die :')

[The planner]

Oh yeahh, in the post before, I mentioned that I am an AMSA member right? This month I also joined the AMSA-Indonesia's event called NAE ( National Action Event ) 2015 with Terminator as their theme. There's too much story to tell about this event but I'll tell you another time because I'm too lazy right now. Basically I just did nothing there, yeahhh we had a social act, blood donor, health campaign door to door at the village. Well it was not really my things but I really like to meet and getting to know other medical student from different university all around Indonesia since it was a big event and making a connection with them.


Anyway, that's all about my November recap, see you on the next post! and leave some comments or critics for this blog so I could make a better blog lol :p

[Bill, me, Franklin]

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  1. Congratulations for finally getting that Fujifilm Camera! So happy for you too :D