Sunday Night with Gaudium 2015

[Leisure time]

Finally I could post again in this blog after a long time passing through the hard week because of all the exam and yada yada yada things, but thanks god that week is over, for now.

What really nice about this week is I closed it with a very good Sunday Night Dinner with all of the committee of my University's student orientation event called Gaudium 2015, as usual, I'm always in the publication and documentation team a.k.a PUBDOK or should I say poop-dog(?).

So the dinner event was held on Sunday, 13th September 2015 at some all you can eat restaurant ( idk the restaurant's name ) in Kempinski Hotel, Grand Indonesia Mall 6 PM sharp. And because I was staying at my dorm and I had no transport to go there, Me and Nia ( @nathaniathedra ) decided to use taxi and stopped halfway at Central Park mall to took Quinta with us and continue our route to Grand Indonesia ( GI ). 

But as the day came, the plan had suddenly changed. One day before Sunday which mean Saturday, we made some group chat for pubdok without our coordinator ( Ko Hosea @hoseahariono ), the chat were talked about our plan to give Ko Hosea a little gift from us because all of the other committee did the same. Because of our limited time, we decided to meet up at GI before ( 3 PM ) at Sunday to buy his present first and that's why since Nia wasn't in pubdok team, She should find a transport to go there alone or she could find someone else to took her to GI, poor at her lol sorry Nia. 

Our gift was a Starbucks tumbler with steel material and bronze color. We also gave him a note in his tumbler using a gold marker so it would look nice on the bronze background. Added our signature and our doodle to complete the tumbler and bam! it surprisingly looks good and a lil' bit fancier.

[From left: Ko Raymond, Ci Glenny, Ci Mareg, Quinta, me and Ci Sanders]

At that time we were already full team ( except Ko Hosea ), There was Ci Glenny ( @glennyhalimm ), Ci Mareg ( @mareginasten ), and Ci Sanders ( @pudingbabi ) which is 2 years older than me and then Ko Raymond ( @raymond_s95 ) which is 1 year older and also Quinta, my partner in crime ( @quintafebryani ). We were so hungry and couldn't wait until 6 PM and we were so ready to pampered our little tummy with all the food in there because it was an all you can eat buffet.

[Another Shot]

But unfortunately, our event got cancelled because of some misunderstood and bad service from the Kenpinski hotel even though we had an agreement before with them. The other committee whose handled this booking thing told us that our venue was moved to Social House.

Social House
Grand Indonesia East Mall 1st Floor, 
JL. Mohammad Husni Thamrin, No. 1, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10320

[Full team with Ko Hosea, 3rd from the right]

I know that this place has a really nice vibe and ambience before, and as I remembered sometimes they open up all the glass window at night so we can see and feel the metropolitan scenery of Jakarta. But as I remembered also this place is too pricey. and yeapp, I picked the wrong choice for my main course. I ordered a risotto but it was terrible. Their texture is quite good but the taste was flat, tasteless and they even put some weird green sauce on it that I could barely eat, yuck! 

[Desserts time]
[That waffle tho]

Movin' on. What made me cooled down was their desserts. We ordered some apple crumble cake and also their caramelised double waffle. We split it to 8 small slices. They served the desserts with some ice cream. For the apple crumble it was good and sour but what made me breathless was their heavenly taste from the chocolate praline and caramel sauce on the top of the waffle, really made my day. Sorry for the bad quality of the pict because the place were so dark at that time.

[Nia, me and Quinta]

It was a really great Sunday Night Dinner we had. Some of us joked around and we laughed. As the hours goes by we forgot that it was nearly the midnight. We were having a really great time. As for me, I really thankful to be given the opportunity for joining such a great crazy pubdok group, and a big family such as Gaudium 2015. Thankyou for everything, it was a pleasure to be with you guys.

[Pubdok team posed up]
[Gaudium 2015]

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