My New Polette - California View Glasses

[California View Silver]

Hi people!
It's been a long time since I'm blogging and now I'm back! So today, I'm gonna reviewing something I've never done before, yeahhh it's about my new spectacle from this online optics called "Polette".


It was 3 months ago I think that I received the email from this brand "Polette" and they want me to review their product. Since I need a new glasses, I was thinking that this is such a good offering for me. At first, I'd never heard about this Polette brand at all, So I did some research. It is a France originated no.1 online optics. Wow! It is amazing just to hear that. 


But it didn't just stopped right there. When I checked their store at their official website [ Here ], I've got amazed again by their various type and design selection! They have more than 1500 models of glasses! So you don't need to worry, and just keep looking for your favorite design!


After I choose and sent them what I want, they asked me about my eyeglasses prescription like OD, OS, cylinder and stuff. It was really nice that you could request the lenses to have a perfect vision for you. The shipping did took some time because of the requested lenses but I didn't took that long. 



And finally it's arrived! 
I want to be different this time, I'm looking for this unique and trendy design. So my heart goes to this Silver California View design. 



It's trendy, it's chic, Simple and elegant. What A really nice design, with this silver metal material for the frame it's a really nice design!




Let's talk about the frame's material first. I thought it would be some cheap metal that easily bend and low durability. But it is the opposite, the metal is a nice quality one and it's very light. The frame fits my head perfectly and it's really comfortable to wear it even I hate use metal glasses because sometimes it gets greasy since I have this oily face.



Since the lenses is customize, I can have a really clear vision and have nothing to worry about. I didn't get dizzy while wearing it so everything is okay for me.



And I love the packaging too. What do I get ? I get the boxes with the glasses pouch inside so you can bring your glasses everywhere without being scared that it would scratch your lens and I have this cool coconut tree California pattern cloth to wipe the glasses from the dust and oil. What a full complete package!


Overall, I'm very satisfied with their service, it could reach my expectation and they really understand what I need. It's really convenient! I could buy more glasses from them.


Make sure you get your own Polette glasses. I did, how about you ?


  1. Nice Specs dude. Never heard this store but I love their shape and they seem light weighted. How much did you buy them for?

  2. Looks like you have bought yourself soem good specs!! looking chic and classy at the same time!! I ma going to buy these as well!