Another Singapore Trip, Again. - Part 2 : Keisuke Ramen Lobster King, Chicken Salted Egg, Grounded by CMCR, Henderson Waves and More

[Singapore Part 2]

Moving on to the next part of my journey on the second day in Singapore ( Click here for the part 1 ). After we had a really nice waffle at Orchard, we took the MRT to our next station stop, Clarke Quay! Yeahh, for those who doesn't know Clarke Quay, they called it the nightlife center of Singapore ( Or so I think ). This place have so many Bars and Clubs, and they have so many good restaurant and entertainment also. This place is shining and really a good place to be alone or to hang out with your friends.

[Keisuke Ramen Lobster King]

Keisuke Ramen Lobster King
3C River Valley Road, Clarke Quay,
#01-07 The Cannery, Clarke Quay, 
Singapore 179022

My friend told me that this place is quite famous and become a talk of the town because this place is so famous of their ramen. Yeahh, it was quite famous when I came. This place located near the main spot of Clarke Quay's crowd. The queue was no joke when I came there! I need to queued for about 1 hour just to get in. As I heard if I'm not mistaken, Keisuke Ramen have different broth they use at every branch, so since this store called 'Lobster King', they used the lobster broth. So I was a bit curious about this place.

[Boiled egg]

[Bean Sprout]

The complimentary was no joke, free flow marinated bean sprout and boiled egg. I really love bean sprout and Keisuke ramen gave me a free flow and even it's marinated with their special spices that make it really good and I love it. When the ramen was a bit long to wait, I ate all the bean sprout HA HA


They have a different type for the ramen. They have the clear and rich soup for the broth, they even have their miso and spicy miso soup, so don't worry about choices because they have it. Also, when you ordered ramen, they asked us to choose about the flavors of the soup ( light - strong ), Flavored oil ( Less - more ) and the noodle texture ( light - hard ). For me, since I'm not a big fan of noodle, I picked the rich soup one.



Toppings are available to add each or you could add all topping with the reasonable price, and see voilaaaa, you get all the topping such as chicken, chasu, dumpling, meatballs and more. What I choose as my favorite topping was their chicken slices, too bad I only got two slices, but hell yeahh other topping was good too.



So yeahh, the ramen is a must try to eat at this place, but they do have other menu such as,

[Chicken Nanban]


This beautiful CHICKEN NANBAN ! It is a deep fried chicken with a very crisp skin and tender meat. The meat was divine but what make it special is,

[Tartas Sauce]

Their homemade Tartar Sauce ( or Mayonnaise ? Idk ) ! But it tasted so fkin' good. I'm not lying at all.

Yeahh, Overall the place was quite spacious although the outside looks smaller, and the service was quite fast, the food is also fast served and the portion was generous. The taste was... well, I'm not a big fan of ramen and I always think ramen tasted the same but this one is really SPECIAL ! One thing I really hate was the price, yeahh I cannot say that since everything in Singapore is more expensive since the currency is different. This is quite normal price in here.


[Day 3]

This day was quite free, I enjoyed walking around and get lost in Singapore because this city is beautiful in every gang and street, they have so many street art and instagable spot in every corner. so yeahh here's some pic I took that day.



For lunch, I met my friend Fernando or we called him "Edo" ( @setiawan_fernando ), he took me to this famous chicken salted egg in Singapore. It is in SIM LIM SQUARE and the restaurant was not fancy, in fact it's just like typical Singaporean food stall but this place have their own table so yeahh it was good.

[Chicken Salted Egg]



Okay, I got to admit that this was one of the best Chicken Salted Egg in Singapore or maybe the best one ? Well it's depends on individual's palate. But what I love about this dish was it's more buttery and the salted egg really seeps into the chicken.

[Grounded by CMCR]

Grounded by CMCR
22 Martin Rd, Singapore 

Well, for the next stop, I met my friend who live here ( in Singapore I mean ) and had a nice talk in this cafe I found in one of my Singaporean's igers. At the first time, this place looked crowded from outside but when we walked to the inside, it was really crowd. After we sat and looked at the menu we realize that this isn't the right place we want to try. The Grounded by CMCR is located at the upstair beside some yoga classes.







The interior was no joke, I really love this place, it use a lot of bamboo material and so many plants here, so it's not that hot and really cool here. It looks like I'm in the middle of garden and perfect to chill with your friend. More like your home's terrace, this place gave me a nice ambience.

[Table's Situation]

Okay let's do some review for the food, we only ordered 2 from their menu. Mushroom and cheese Toastie and also Matcha Pancake.

[Mushroom and Cheese Toastie]



Mushroom and Cheese Toastie

So my friend ordered this menu, it looks so promising, right? But it taste quite good, I thought it would be disappointing. The best part was the mushroom, the rest are quite mediocre. The portion was kinda normal but it's a bit overpriced for me.

[Matcha Pancakes]



Matcha Pancakes

So, I ordered this one because I already ate chicken salted egg before and I thought it will be okay if I had a dessert. Matcha or I should called it green tea pancakes with dragon fruit jam, mixed berries, whipped mascarpone and lavender honeycomb would be a perfect choice, right? Yes it is. The side dish was pretty, but I wondered how would it taste because I never had a decent matcha pancake one. The pancake was absolutely matcha, because it does taste like matcha and tasted good also. But the berries and other elements was not suitable with the pancakes imho, why ? because the pancakes itself already sweet and the berries, mascarpone and honeycomb are sweet too. Lol Sorry for the nonsense blabbering but overall I still like the pancakes.


So that's all for my evening stroll, and when night comes I happened to go to Clarke Quay again to met my senior at my university. She's ci Clairine ( @clairinesetyadji ), she's here to take her mom for a doctor's visit. And guess what? I came back for some ramen at Keisuke ramen again!

[Me and Ci Claire]

We spent the night together, having a shot and cocktails and talk, laugh and more. We really enjoyed Singapore at night and after awhile, she went back to her hotel while I still walking around the boat quay. Bought a bottle of beer, sat alone in the riverside while listening to some mellow music. Thinking about how mess my life, I already realize that my life is a mess but I still don't have the answer. Well someday, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be alright. and that's how my last night in Singapore end.


[Last Day]

And finally, the day of my departure. I'm leaving Singapore today, and my flight was in noon so I didn't really had much time left. While Josce here, we decided to took some good pict for our IG's feed. We went to the Henderson waves bridge to took some decent shot.




It was really fun and tiring but also exciting. So this shot session wrapped up my Singapore trip and finally we went back to the condo. I took a shower before leaving. One thing that happened back there was the grab / uber driver couldn't find the condo location and went to the wrong path again and again. I waited for about 45 mins 'til I get the ride. I almost miss my flight but hopefully everything turned out well and this is really the end of this trip. I miss the Singapore city now, I hope I could be back soon, well 'till next time. See you soon Sin Jia Po!

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