Another Singapore Trip, Again. - Part 1 : Newton Food Centre, Stranger's Reunion, Stray by Fatcat And More


Been awhile since my last post and so many things happened to my life. One of that thing was my short escape trip, and as you the tittle told, yes it was SINGAPORE !

But why Singapore vian ? Are you not bored with Singapore ? Yeahh, there were 2 reasons for my destination's choice. First, I could only afford to go there LOL and the second was my bestfriend ( Leo ) 's girlfriend were asked me to come there. Her name is Josceline and we called her Josce ( @vjosceline ). She's studying right now in Singapore and staying at a condo. Since she's not so familiar about Singapore's place, she asked me to come and show her around, she would keen to know and visit some nice cafe and stuff. So yeahh, I got free place stay, so why not Singapore ?



Day one was actually about arriving. I had my flight around 5 PM, because I had my test before at my uni at around 1 PM so yeahh, it was inevitable to pick a flight that hour. But I'm okay with it. So this was actually my travel plan. I stayed at Singapore for about 4 days ( Thursday - Sunday noon ), Thursday I arrived so late so I just met Josce for a drink or cocktails, then on Friday, Josce had classes from morning to late hour so she can accompany me but Saturday and Sunday she's free. So my only problem was to find someone to accompany me on Friday only. Sounds promising, right ?

My flight was nice, a bit shaky but that's normal and it landed safely ( obviously! Since I'm still alive duhh ). From the airport, I went straight to meet Josce at this Canary Bar in Orchard Road. The bar was pretty nice and have this outdoor kind of picnic vibe with pop up pastel colors on their decoration but too bad that it was too dark to took some pict, so no pic, owhkay? HEHE. 

[Night Shot]



After so many talk and gossiping until we laughed so hard, we felt a bit hungry and that's why it took us to our next destination, Newton Food Centre !! We were lucky that most of the stalls are still open because it wasn't weekend and the taxi driver told us that perhaps they were already closed. 

[Fried Egg Oyster]

What to eat ? Honestly they are so many choices of food you can eat here, but our heart were already choose this two menus. First is the Fried Egg Oyster

So what it is ? It is a pretty simple dish, it's an Oyster that fried together with egg, so as you can see there are some oyster inside the fried egg. At first, I didn't like this kind of dish, why ? Because it doesn't mix well when you eat a salty fried egg with the oyster that as you know have some bitter part when you chew it. But as I still keep eating this dish, it keeps getting my attention and it started to taste good, especially with their special sauce.


If you like oyster, this menu can be easily found here so you may give it a try when you visit this place. 

[Chciken Wing]

So all people know that Newton Food Centre is famous about their Chicken Wing, right ? So yeahh, we also ordered it not only five or ten pieces, we ordered twenty pieces LOL !



Well, what need to say about chicken wing ? Everyone know chicken wing itself sounds delicious! No need explanation, chicken was nice, skin are crisp and well marinated and don't forget about the finger lickin' aftertaste after eating chicken wing. This one really give a salty sour nice aftertaste ( sounds weird to explain about the aftertaste when you lick your finger on a review actually, but well it doesn't change the fact that it was goooooooooddd and I need to write about it! ).


And yeahh, after eating our "snack" ( or you may called it big portion for a fat kid ), we went to Josce condo and slept away ( with a bit of gossiping HE HE ) because we were too tired and Josce had a morning classes.



My second day was pretty nice, waking up with a good view from Josce's condo. It in Novena area and not so far from the MRT station also. So today, I woke up and no one's there because Josce and her friend ( Claudia Novira, they share the condo ) were already left. So I just took a bath and left because I hold the spare key. 



I went to Orchard for some shopping ( and buying my mom's thing. This time she asked me to buy her some coach 's watches ). 

[Stranger's Reunion]

Stranger's Reunion
35 Kampong Bahru Rd, 
Singapore 169356

And yeahh, since I'd no one to accompany me today, I walked alone to some not so new cafes I haven't been visited before. This time I tried Stranger's Reunion that located in Kampong Bahru road. Ohh man, honestly, my only navigation was google map app, it helps me a lot but I went to a wrong way and got lost for around 1 hour HAHA!




As you can see, the inside was quite cozy and feels homey and also it was all white and really blend into my instagram's feed and that's why I love this place. It was quite spacious compared to most of the Singapore's cafe.


I actually don't know what to order and asked the waitress for a recommendation. She told me some of it and I picked this one 

[Crab Cake]


Crab cakes served with ribboned asparagus, ikura, fresh avocado, topped with a perfectly poached egg and aburi chive hollandaise.




Their Crab cake was good. I think this was my first time eating at Singapore cafe that really makes my tastebuds satisfied. It was crispy on the outside but soft in the inside, also it felt like eating a crab. No denied that the crab meat tasted so strong. I'm not a big fan of the asparagus but the poached egg was nice and the hollandaise sauce was really good. Who knows a simple touch of ikura could complete this dish very well. 

[Cafe Latte]


And for the drink, of course the Cafe Latte is my first choice. Their cafe latte actually quite nice, strong aroma and not too acidity. It was nice but I've tasted better. 

Overall, this place is leaving a good impression for me, but one thing that you may noticed, the price was a bit expensive. So prepare your wallet ! Lol!


STRAY by Fatcat
181 Orchard Road, #04-23, 
Orchard Central, Singapore 

Next, after eating alone at Stranger's reunion, I finally had someone to accompany me. He is Ko Aaron ( @aaronhandajani ), he is someone I know back in Indonesia. One of the foodie or food blogger and now he's also studying in Singapore and become a Singaporean Food Blogger. We were planned to meet up here, at STRAY . 

[Black and Gold]

So this was the reason why we came here. The popular Black and Gold Waffle. It is Black charcoal waffle served with softcream and Salted egg yolk sauce! So basically, it is a Salted Egg Waffle.



I know that Singaporean was pretty hype of the salted egg phenomenal, but how can you imagine a salted egg yolk combined with a sweet delicate dessert like softcream and waffle ? It is perfectly good! Now I know why this place is famous. The salted egg sauce was really a new taste to eat with waffle and soft cream. It gave me this new sensation and dynamic taste. The waffle itself was crisp on the side and baked perfectly inside, and their soft cream was nice too. So all of this menu's element was already good, that's why I enjoyed eating this!

And that's it for today's post, I will continue my journey on the next part. So stay tuned on my update! See you guys again!

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