Latteria Gelato First Anniversary Event


Latteria Gelato
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D No. 39,  
Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk

Who doesn't love ice cream ? Ice cream probably everyone's favorite, and specially for me, I love it so so so so much! As far as I know, Gelato and Ice cream are actually the same, but Gelato is lighter than the ice cream when it comes to the texture taste and etc because of the concentration of the fat is different.

[Flavors Selection]


So 3 weeks ago, at 11 February 2017, I was attending an event at one of my fav gelato place, it was none other than Latteria ! This event was about the Latteria first anniversary. The host let us to try and enjoy their selection of gelatos.


They have so many variant gelato flavors, and they keep adding new flavors. Their gelato's texture are so smooth and really light but don't worry, their richness of taste is still there. There was so many new flavors that I haven't tried but everytime I try something from here, it still good.


And even I, myself, really confused what flavors to pick back then. Then I tried their recommendation, Urban Geisha ! It tasted like Japanese black sesame and it was good. It is sweet but also nutty that I pick Marie Regal to highlight the sweet taste and also Mango gelato to keep up with a bit of sour and fresh taste.





And finally, to completed the event, the host served us with this beautiful dessert. I don't know what is it, seems like a deconstructed ice cream kind of thing. It's not a menu in Latteria tho but just to celebrate a special event like this first anniversary, we had a chance to enjoy this desserts. What I really love about this dessert was the sourness and the sweetness is pretty much balanced from every elements. The brownies was divine !


And That's it for today, gonna post something interesting next time! See you! - @alviansilver

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