Mexican Sensation - La Hoya Food Blogger Gathering

[La Hoya]

La Hoya
Gandaria City Mall Level. G Unit. MG 31-32, 
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, RT.10/RW.6, Kby. Lama, 
Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12240

It was about last month when I got an email about a food blogger gathering, and this time it's taken place in La Hoya. They located in Gandaria City Mall which is a hell for me to go because the distance is so far away from where I stay, but I still came to the event.


Mexican food. Whenever I heard about "Mexican Food" word, I always think about splash of colors, the rich taste, fresh avocado, the salsa and a festive ! It will be so colorful and I really love Mexican food because of their flavors! It was fresh, salty, sour, la la la and much more, it feels like the flavors dancing in your mouth. So I was excited about the event. So here's come the short review about the event! 




They said it is the King of Nachos! Well I couldn't agree more. Look at that portion! It was pile of tortilla chips ( nachos ), beef, avocados, and on the topped of that it was this beautiful sunny side up. For the taste itself, the dressing, the chips was quite good but it was common for me, hey don't judge me, it's my honest review. I suggested a lil' bit of spices would be good ( maybe ? ) LOL. I'm not an expert when it come to reviewing and also might not know much about food. But seriously, it was a nice one food!




And now we had burrito! Another classic Mexican food. A soft flour tortilla with a chunk of meat choices, fresh vegetable and sour cream inside. What could goes wrong ? I really enjoyed their buritto, especially their filling. Well, I love meat, who doesn't !

[Tortilla Bowl]


Tortilla Bowl

This is probably the food that caught everyone's attention. Just look at that! It was a creation of art! Those crisp tortilla as a bowl was magnificent and the colors was great! It has everything inside, the rice, meats and also vegetables. The taste and flavors are good. Meat was the hero. But what I really disappointed was the amount of rice was overflowed when the meat was just a chunk lol. Anyway it was one good meal after all.




Okay, finally it's one of my fav! Tostada ! A flat tortilla topped with choices of meats, vegetables and much more. Their tortilla dough itself already good and I think they used corn tortilla. It was really fresh and rich of flavors. Also the acidity is balanced. Really love this dish!




Taco, a true classic Mexican food that I know ! I don't know actually the differences between tostada and taco but all I know is they used crisp corn tortilla for the taco while the true classic taco isn't need to be crisp precisely ( as I know, sorry for the lack of info ), but it was still good because I preferred the crispy one. Also in here, we got to watch the chef teaching us how to make a taco and it was all about your creation. It doesn't have an exact recipe, ingredient for the taco. But still their classic La Hoya Taco was already delicious. I really love their marinated beef, it surely hit my palate. 


And that's it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed my post through there's so many flaw and grammar that I need to fix but I really hope you enjoyed my writing !

Have a good day, Amigos !

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