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Nocturnal Cafe
Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Kamal Muara, 
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara, 
DKI Jakarta 14470

Nocturnal cafe, yeahh this place was quite famous and I've heard about this place before. Even I'd already been there twice but then when I came again for the third time, suddenly I've got an email about invitation for Nocturnal's Grand Opening Dinner and I was like gee! This place has opened for business about 2 months ( pardon if I'm wrong ), so I was shocked that they haven't had the grand opening.


So I attended their Grand Opening Dinner last week on 6th of February 2017 and here's my short review about their food honestly!

[Loco Moco]

Loco Moco

I was late when I arrived they already done with the entree so I just tried all of the main. My first main was the Loco Moco. Honestly, the patty was good enough. The difference with the normal Loco Moco was they served the poached egg rather than the sunny side up. But what makes me disappointed was the gravy. Their gravy tastes like Sambal ABC and so mediocre. It was good but I set my expectation a bit higher.

[Egg Benedict]


Egg Benedict

Next was their egg benedict, actually I was not a big fan of egg benedict but what makes me excited about egg benedict is about how the yolk from the poached egg drip so beautifully into the food. and it wasn't like that this time. But let's talk about the taste, it was pretty good but still an average. The greens was fresh tho, and the dressing was quite nice.

[Sambal Matah Pork]



Sambal Matah Pork Belly

Things started getting interesting. The sambal matah pork belly they served was surprisingly delicious. Their pork crackling was on point, the onion was taste good even I hate onion, but I could say that this was good. The portion was generous also. This one is recommended.

[Triple Mushroom Pasta]

Triple Mushroom Pasta

This was the highlight of today's dinner. The triple mushroom pasta is the true definition of delicious. Maybe it was because the truffle was one of the ingredient because of the smell also. The spaghetti was cooked perfectly and the spices was balance too. Also the presentation was quite beautiful. This is really delicious and a menu you need to try on this cafe.




And finally for the desserts, they gave us 2 slices cake. It was really light and also fresh. I forgot to ask what kind of cake was that but both of them tasted really good and really perfect to wash your mouth after eating the mains.

And that's it for today's post! So my best pick of the main was the triple mushroom pasta! and maybe I'll come back to this cafe again next time and also their coffee was quite good and they opened really early so it was really nice to eat b'fast here also.

See you again in the next post!

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