Boiled Up at FirePot PIK Avenue

[Firepot Resto]

FirePot Restaurant
1st Floor E6, PIK Avenue Mall,
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

It was about November last year I think, I was invited to try this kind of Shabu-shabu restaurant called FirePot at PIK Avenue Mall. There was a lot of people invited here and most of them was foodies and food blogger.


FirePot served many kind of ingredients to put to our soup / broth. There's so many choices that made you confused. It is one of the modernize restaurant, they used ipad mini in every table to take the order and billing so it was one of a plus point from me.



They have so many vegetables variant such as mushroom, greens, corn and more. It's all fresh ingredient so you don't have to worry about the quality.




They also have food that already cooked such as fried meatballs, pangsit, and also lumpia. 


They also have this nutritious cooked black rice. At first I thought it'll tasteless, but when I ate it, it actually a bit savory.



They also have this crab stick and kind of suki thing that I really don't understand myself. But I know it was really delicious.  Especially their suki that looks like Koi fish. It was stunning to look at itself.




For the meat itself, they have chicken, beef and goat meat. The meat was a good quality one but the portion of it serving was a bit' yeahhh small ( for me ).





For the seafood, they serve prawn, crabs, clamps and lobster, it's all in good shape and good quality. It's fresh and not smell fishy. They took care of the ingredients pretty good. I really love lobster that's why it was the highlight of that day's lunch.




One thing that really make me like FirePot was, they have 6 type variant of soup! They have Tom Yum, Soto, Laksa, Chicken broth, Kimchi, and lastly Special Cheese soup. Wow, you could try so many different strong type of asian soup cuisine in here and you also could refill the soup. My top 3 was their kimchi, tom yum and laksa soup. But the best soup was their Cheese soup!



My fav dish was their 4 set crystal balls. It have different flavors inside each ball and it was random. Some are sweet but some are savory. It was the surprise element that make it really something and also it was scrumptious. Why it's called the crystal ball? because when you dip it inside the soup, the skin will change into a clear skin that looks like a crystal. That is the time when it's ready to eat.


For the price, it was a bit pricey, but don't worry, FirePot have many set menu that surely will reduce the number in your bill LOL!


It is one of a good restaurant to have lunch with a big party because you could share the soup and for the dipping itself. The soup was good, meat and greens were fresh too!

That's it for today, I was quite busy these days, that's why I haven't post anything for awhile, I hope you enjoy my write. See ya!

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