How To End 2016 Part 2 - Lost In Bali : Finding Happiness Alone, Rayjin Teppanyaki, Kim Soo and More

[Bali 2016]

Finally, I get a chance to write my blog again!
Continuing from my last post ( Part 1 ), It's now to move along to the next chapter of my vacation. Not so long after I visited Bandung, it's about a week, I took a flight to my next destination, yeapp it was really not a surprise if I visited this place because I've been here quite a lot. Yeahh It was BALI !
One thing you should now before you start reading this post that I'm coming here alone! As my title implied, that's why I called it finding happiness alone! It's not because I'm an outcast that didn't have any friend or something, I was supposed to come to Bali with my friend ( Best friend to be precise ) but she suddenly called it off in last minute ( and she's the one whose bugging me to come to Bali ), that's why I'm a lil' bit annoyed because I didn't really want to go to Bali at that time, but my flight and hotel had already booked, So I've got no choice.

[Bigul Pak Malen]


First day, I've got nothing to do, don't have any plan either. Wandering what should I do alone ?. This is what I'm thinking all evening at my hotel in Seminyak, approximately at Sunset Road which is near one of the most tourist visit place to eat, yeapp it was Babi Guling Pak Malen . I was so lazy to get up from my bed so I ordered it with Go-Jek and it was still hot when arrived. 

Since I don't know what to do, I decided to have a journey to enjoy food and night chill. I was so depressed at that time like this was the lowest point of my life. The feeling of being unwanted and neglected, when my soul and hope died, I had this several problem. That's why I made a decision to have the best remedy in Bali. 

[Rayjin Teppanyaki]

I decided to eat at good restaurant and being high every night. For the first night I choose Rayjin Teppanyaki! ( Some review click here )

Rayjin Teppanyaki 
Jalan Petitenget No. 98, 
Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, 
Bali 80361

This one is my fav Japanese food in Bali. It has an authentic taste and also elevate the food. Best choice to pamper myself with good food. Don't forget to phone and book also because it is usually crowded here.

[Table's situation]

Remember that I'm here with a purpose to have a remedy right ? Don't be shocked with all the food that I ordered lol because I'm here to give love to myself ( and my fat belly ).

Remember that you should try the Garlic Rice because it was really good and the rice feels so crisp and savory even without side dish. I gave 4 out of 5 for the rice!

Tuna Tataki

[Tuna Tataki]


For the appetizer, I ordered their Tuna Tataki. Tuna was so fresh and not smelly. Their bread baked perfectly and also crisp at the same time. Veggies was average but their sauce made it better. Good thing about this dish was the Tuna was the hero because it was really good.

Japanese Mushroom Salad

[Japanese Mushroom Salad]


My next appetizer was their Japanese Mushroom Salad. So basically it was bunch of grilled mushroom ( shitake, shimeji, shitake ) topped with vegetable dressing. Another one good food to eat. The mushroom was dazzling, and they grilled it really nice, when you bite it, the mushroom juice poured and tasted amazing. But it wasn't really the highlight of my dinner.

[Gyutan Pirikara Negi Shio]



THIS! This is the highlight of tonight's dinner. The Gyutan Pirikara Negi Shio! It's grilled ox tongue, the cutting was thin and that's why the sauce was absorbed perfectly to the meat. It was topped with vegetable dressing but most of it was onion. It was so thin and easily melt in your tongue.  It is a recommended dish to eat, make sure you ordered it when you're coming here.

[Matcha Creme Brulee]


A dinner would not be complete without a dessert, right ? Why don't you try their Matcha Creme brulee! It's really bring a new taste to creme brulee with a green tea touch. A lil' bit heavy for me because I ate too much but it was good and not as sweet as the usual brulee. For the drink, I choose Sapporo beer. I know sapporo is a  place in Japan, but I don't really know if it is a Japan's brand or not, but it taste good. Just realize that good food accompanied by good beer will make it taste more delicious!

After having a good dinner, I just walked a several step to Gardin bistro, and they're having promo for drinks, it's difference depends on the day. I just drank alone, listened to the music and finding my inner peace. I went home with half conscious, but I made it!

[2nd Day]

The next day is coming up, sun was rise and I barely made out of my bed but I had a plan to do that day so I must wake up and collecting my soul. My 2nd day started with a good breakfast,

[NOOK Cafe]

It was my 2nd time here ( click here for some review ), With the beauty of green paddy field scenery to start a morning, you know it's gonna be a good start.

Jl. Umalas 1, Gang Nook No. 1, 
Kuta Utara, Badung, Kerobokan Kelod, 
Kuta Utara, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80361

[Table's situation]



As you can see from the photos above, when I had this b'fast with this beautiful view and also under the shade of tree, I just realized how blessed I am despite of all my problem. I'm getting this emotion easily, when I'm alone, I can just feel the wind and hear the sound of nature and just feel super relaxed.

[Tuna Tataki]

Back to the food, for the appetizer, I was kinda addicted to Tuna Tataki that day, so I ordered one. Their Tuna Tataki was quite different than Rayjin's, Maybe because the cutting and also the acidity. In Rayjin's you could feel their authentic Japanese taste, but here it was more like fresh feels. I don't say it was bad, it's good but mediocre.

[Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel]


Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel for the main course. I never had this kind of bagel before, but it was really crisp and also hard to bite. But despite the bagel's texture, everything taste good. Salmon was on point but the cream cheese was a lil' bit too much for me. And that's how I end my breakfast.

[La Laguna's beach]

My 2nd day was a hectic, because I need to meet with my seniors from my Uni, they're one year older than me. They were in Bali for Holiday. So we decided to met at La Laguna. This place was the talk of the town before because this place is so beautiful but now it's not that hype. When I met them, they told me to talk full english because they pretended to be a tourist LOL, but because of them, I started to talk full english during my Bali's trip.





Because I didn't ordered anything here, I just took some picts on the beach for my instagram and we continued our journey. They said they want to go to Potato Head Garage Beach Club, but before that, they were curious about the coffeeshop that I just told them


[Taro Latte]

Finally, we arrived at BURO ! So there's 3 different name for this one place. The first floor was the Living Stone, it is some kind of restaurant and they also have their ice cream ( gelato (?) ) as their speciality, maybe. Next on the 2nd floor, Buro is a collaborative concept store that sell so many good stuff like leather goods, wooden goods and also stuff, but on that floor they have this restaurant too called Faculty. Before they change their name to faculty, they only sold coffee and beverages but now they sell foods too. So it's kinda mixed up because they have several name in here.

Anyway, I'll just continue to call it Buro, so what's should you ordered at Buro ? It's obviously their Taro Latte . Why ? From the appearance, It was a stunning soft purple, the smell was so fucking nice and also a lil' bit sweet milk scent, and the taste was perfect. It was not so sweet as you imagined. It was balanced.

[Potato Head Garage]


So we continued to Potato Head Garage Beach Club, but their place was super crowded and we had to waiting list. That's why we decided to not waiting and we were confused about where should we go. They decided to came to my hotel. They were curious about my place. They said it was really cheap for this kind of room and really worth. We just swim until the sun set.

At night, I ate at Lantern Restaurant, It was an urban kind of asian resto. It was so good and also affordable, I enjoyed every food I bite. But the highlight at that night was after that, I continued and sat alone on Motel Mexicola. It was my first time coming there alone and at night. I sat on the bar, and ordered so many liquor shot, I was not realize that my bill is already a million rupiah ALONE! WTF! I drank so much, I danced to their song, you know that kind of old song that really sing-able. Like don't stop believing, I will survive, and many good old song. I danced, enjoyed my night, and went home. I realize that happiness could be found alone ( with the help of alcohol also LOL ).

[2nd Day's Squad]

My 3rd day started with a good breakfast too. It was a new happening place that I'd never try before. It was KIM SOO HOME ! I came here with a purpose meeting some of my friends from @foodiegodisland ! I was kinda feel mean because we already followed each other for long time but everytime I went to Bali, I never contacted the, Not because I was arrogant, but I forgot. As I told before this time, I'm going alone with no plan so that's why I asked them to have a meet up.

Jl. Kayu Aya No.21, Kerobokan Kelod, 
Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung,
Bali 80361

[Table's situation]




Look at how mess our table was, It was all b'fast menu and perfect for this sunny morning but to be honest because the cafe was outdoor type, it was a bit hot actually and since I wore 2 layers of clothes lol.

[Avocado Toast]


I picked their avocado toast for today's breakfast, because it seems refreshing in this sunny morning, their avocado was fresh and the texture was nice,  but what made it perfect was their poached egg on the top of it that made it taste better.







So basically why they named it Kim Soo Home is because this was actually a home decoration store that really stunning, it is like a boho kind of decorations and it was so tropical themed and would really looks good if you have a villa on the beach! I might be buying stuff from here later if I want to decorate my own house.


Expat. Roasters
Jalan Kayu Cendana, 
Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, 
Seminyak, Bali 80361

It was one of the hype place that time because it was newly opened and beside the Sisterfield restaurant, so many people while waiting for the waiting list came here to take a sip on their coffee.


Back then, my stomach was full so I didn't ordered their coffee, and beside it was such a sunny day, that's why I ordered their fresh iced chai latte. It was quite an okay, but my friend that ordered the coffee said their coffee was so good. By looking the crowd and the review, I believed that their coffee must be good. Next time, I should ordered their coffee!

For the evening, I was meeting one of my friend from @balifoodies named Ko Yerdi ( @yerdiansha ), we met up at Luigi Restaurant ( Review ) and we just talked a lot. For the night, I ate at Char Char Bar Bali. This place was perfect for night talk and chill', I ordered some liquor and just talk with my friend. That night I was so emotional, so depressed. From that bar, I went to my hotel, I was a bit high and drunk.

It was my last night, but I don't want to let this pass away. I remember I bought some liquor at the airport before. It was a strong liquor and I drank it alone. Until I choked up, I just listened to all the sad music and good music about my story. I was crying all night long, choked up, and also vomit a lot. It was hot as hell in my chest but I forced to swallowed it all. My mind speak like this "Let me remember all this pain, all this heartache within my body so I will be careful for every step I took next". So I just hurting myself that night and also with every tears, I swear to let everything go....

Then suddenly it was already noon when I woke up, and the funny thing was I slept in my bathroom, also I vomited so much and it looks so gross when I sober enough. Since it was my last day, I rushed to pack up all of my thing because of the check out time.

After that, I ordered a car to airport, but before that I stopped at one place to have a lunch :

[Babi Guling Candra]



It was none other than Babi Guling Candra , the best suckling pic ever in Bali ( IMHO ). You know why ? Because their flavors seep into their food, all of the seasoning was strong but balanced and it tasted really good. And just be honest, what could goes wrong with pork ? So it was finally my last food before leaving Bali.

Before going to the airport, I went to the place that I always visit the most whenever I'm in Bali. It was the place that I have the best, the worst, the happiest, and the saddest memory in my life. I don't know why I'm going there. I just want to see that place again one more time before leaving.


Lastly, it may seems that my Bali trip was quite depressing, but I also had a lot of fun. I may be broken right now but it will get better in time, though it's gonna hurt too. But I realized after this trip that I can do all things alone. I have friends, I have things that people don't have, I could feel that something's good coming to me soon. That's why I never give up on believing. And that's all for today's post. I'm really sorry that it gets too emotional but sometimes writing could make you let your grudge pass away.

See you on the next post! :)

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  1. it really seemed to be a very emotional trip. but i hope what happened in bali stayed in bali, meaning that i wish that your depression and sadness were cured there. hope that life gets better for you now and even better in the future.

    good luck! never lose hope and always remember that you are loved.