Brief Review About SEC Diner, PIK - The Newly Opened Cafe by SEC Bowl !

[SEC Diner]

Let's have a SEC!
For you whose following me through instagram ( @alviansilver ) must be know that I'm literally a die hard fans of SEC Bowl ( @secbyrius )! I almost order SEC Bowl everyday. So what's so special about today's post? I will reviewing about SEC Bowl newly opened cafe at Pantai Indah Kapuk area called SEC Diner!

SEC Diner
Ruko Garden House Blok B no. 9, 
Pantai Indah Kapuk
(021) 29033468



So as a big fan of this food, I don't really know what is SEC stand for, so I guessing it's the shorten of Salted Egg Chicken which is their famous speciality menu. As you know, before SEC Diner opened, the SEC Bowl were only can be ordered by delivery, and through an app called GO-JEK. But they only have 4 variant menu : Salted Egg Chicken Bowl, Kung Pao Chicken, Spicy Thai Basil Chicken, and Shredded Ikan Balado. Finally, starting from 16 Sept 2017, SEC Diner is finally opened, and it is in PIK area which is very near from where I stay, so today, I asked my friends to came along and give it a try! 


[Table's Situation]

I was surprised by their menu list! They have so many and I mean literally so maaannyyy variant of menu here from appetizer to dessert, we were confused and really fascinating to try one by one, but because we calculated our budget and capability of our stomach, we decided to order 2 appetizer and 3 main course from this place. So let's talk about the dish one by one!

SEC! Chicken Wing

[SEC! Chicken Wing]


Hell yeah! Can you believe it? The first appetizer we tried was this super mouthwatering Salted egg chicken wing! By the looks itself, you could guess how good it is, right? But hey, looks can be deceiving, especially when the one who took this photo was me HA HA! But I swear t god that this is really good! The skin was super crispy and it was coated with their special salted egg sauce which I really like and then the meat was very tender. So I recommend you guys to try this!

SEC! Fries

[SEC! Fries]

So after that, we ordered SEC! Fries too! It's basically a salted egg fries but omg! You need to try it by yourself to understand the taste! It was super good! The salted egg sauce really elevate this menu to the next level and honestly, I prefer this one than the chicken wing but both were goddamn finger-licking good! And also you can ordered this menu with extra truffle oil if you preferred ( of course with some extra cost ).

 Garlic Butter Rice with Rosemary Grilled Chicken

[Garlic Butter Rice with Rosemary Grilled Chicken]


Probably the longest name for a dish in main course menu, that's why it catches my friend's attention as he ordered this menu because of that LOL! Well to be honest, this menu was not that appealing to me because I came here for the salted egg dish. But let's be fair when it comes to judging food. The rice itself already nice, it's buttery and smells good, but the problem was I'm not the big fan of the grilled chicken. To be honest, it was good but mediocre, imho. But it wasn't a bad dish either, I just said that this menu were too ordinary than the others.

Salted Egg Dory

[Salted Egg Dory]



Finally, it comes to the new salted egg menu, it is this Salted Egg Dory! Yasshhh another variant of the salted egg family. This menu offer you a perfectly fried soft and boneless dory coated with the salted egg sauce! It was so good and really nice to eat a different meat texture but still with the same taste. Love love love!

Salted Egg Chicken

[Salted Egg Chicken]

And lastly, I ordered my usual food that I always ordered from an app. It was this Salted Egg Chicken. From the portion itself, I don't really know the differences, or it's slightly a bit smaller because I always ordered the extra chicken through the app but in here they don't have the extra chicken menu. Instead, they have the extra salted egg sauce option. And I ordered this menu because I want to compared it to the delivery one. From the taste, it doesn't have any significant differences, everything always on point! and the salted egg sauce is really rich of flavors. So much love for this menu !

LOL it seems like I was bragging about their menu too much, but honestly it is my honest review, I don't get sponsored or what else. I really enjoying to write and share my experience to you guys! Also sorry for writing the menu's name wrong and all of the weird grammar. But I hope you enjoyed my post! and  last, for you who haven't tried SEC Bowl, you better try it yourself HAHAHA


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